Thursday, March 29, 2012

Temporary Non-Immigrant Workers

How can I come to the United States and work on a temporary basis? To come to the United States and work on a temporary basis you must have your prospective employee filed a non immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

To check on the category of non-immigrant temporary worker classifications you can go to the Homeland Security website and click on the link temporary workers. If you are successful in receiving permission to temporarily work in the US you may be required to pay US taxes you can go to the IRS website and get the tax information.

There are some classifications that do not require you to have a future employer file a non immigrant petition for you they are E-1,E-2 E-3 and TN. You can check on the Homeland Security website for more information on these categories.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Passport Name Change

If you hold a US passport and need to change your name due to a court order or marriage it is a relatively simple process.

You must mail your current passport with a completed form DS-5504 this is the application for a name change, data correction, and limited passport book replacement. If you are changing your name because you were recently married you will need the original or a certified copy of your marriage license. If you have changed your name through the court system you will need to send the necessary paperwork from the court. You also may be required to set one passport photo. Send all this paperwork to the address listed on the DS- 5504.

There is no fee for this service unless you want to have express service. When sending these very import documents you should use a company that you can trace the mailing such as UPS or FedEx . It is strongly recommended to place these documents in a secure envelope that is waterproof. This whole process will generally take about 2 to 3 weeks.

Learning my Way Around Baking Cupcakes

Guest post written by Kathleen Grimm:

I think there's only so long until you either decide to do what you're watching on reality TV or you are completely disgusted with yourself and stop watching. That's at least been my reality with watching reality TV. Luckily, the stuff I've tried has really just been redecorating or baking. Pretty tame stuff. I love cake shows and I've been baking a whole lot more since I started getting into them. I'm sure lots of other people have felt the same way too.

I'm always on the lookout for the next great cupcake variation for me to try on my own. They're just so much fun! WHen I was looking up some cupcake recipes I found the website and after I looked through it a little bit I decided to use it to help out my debt situation.

I love the really crazy cupcakes recipes and am always willing to try some. I even made some Guinness cupcakes that were so delicious! And I never thought that I would make and like some beer cupcakes!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Battered Spouse Visa

The Violence against Women Act permits you as a battered spouse to filed for an immigrant visa petition.
Under this law you will be able seek both safety and independents from your abuse the law applies both to women and men. Your abuser will not be notified that you have filed for immigration under this law. Who can assist me in filing for this visa petition? The USCIS local office can give you a list of nonprofit groups and community organizations that may be able to assist you in applying for an immigrant benefit. Help is also available through the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800 799-7233. This Hotline has information about shelters , mental health care,and legal advice they can also give you information about self petitioning for immigrant status.

Under this law

Expand 'n Gro Works Miracle in my Garden

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

A friend gave me a bag of Expand ‘n Gro™, a product by Miracle Gro which is a concentrated planting mix. I used it in my tomatoes in pots and after mixing it with water, Expand 'n Gro does grow up to 3X more and I like what I saw.

EnG Product Shot.png

The soil in the pots has a better holding ability and the distribution of moisture is even therefore, Expand 'n Gro makes miracle. Literally it does make miracles because of the components in this product. Expand 'n Gro is a planting mix with a coconut coir fiber which helps the plants retain 50% more moisture. It is an absorbent of moisture so; it will prevent under watering the plants and if the plants needed the water, it just release it. Watch out the video below:

Do not dehydrate your garden and you should use Expand 'n Gro. Try it now if you want to have a beautiful garden this spring and summer. Would you like to have 3X more flowers and healthy vegetables in your garden? Miracle Gro Expand 'n Gro is the product that you need and if you want a free sample, just leave a comment below. You might be the lucky winner to receive a free sample. For more information, visit the Website today.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Form I-130

If you want to bring your spouse to the United States and obtain a green card or permanent resident you must be a US citizen or a green card holder yourself.

If you are a US citizen residing in a foreign country you will have to file form I-130. This form can be filed at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate to you. When this form is approved it will be sent to the embassy or consulate and they will process it and inform you on what your next step will be.

There are certain documents that you will have to submit when you file form I-130. A copy of your civil marriage certificate, a copy of any divorce decrees , death certificate, or annulment papers that will prove that any previous marriages entered into by you or your spouse are now terminated. You will need passport style photos of you and your spouse . If you have changed your name legally you must bring proof of this also. If you are a citizen you must show proof with a birth certificate or a U.S. passport. for more information on this process go to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services web site good luck.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The T-Visa

Do you know that the US Citizen And Immigration Service will help protect you if you become a victim of human trafficking.

What is human traffickin? Human trafficking is just another form of modern-day slavery the victim is promised a good life and employment which is false of course. Once here they are often imprisoned and made to work for free many are sold into the sex market if they are young women or young children.

One way the USCIS helps the victims of trafficking is with the T-Visa this will allow the victim to remain in the United States and assist law enforcement authorities in apprehending and prosecution of the human traffickers. If you are a victim of human trafficking or have been in the past there is help available for you contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-3737-888 and put these scumbags in prison where they belong.

Monday, March 19, 2012


What is naturalization? Naturalization is the process which a person born in another country becomes a United States citizen.

The United States encourages immigrants to become naturalized citizens. Making the decision to become a United States citizen is one of the most important you will make in your life. By making the decision to become a citizen of the United States you will be demonstrating your loyalty to its Constitution and its people.

When becoming a United States citizen you have certain responsibilities you agree to abide by the laws and the Constitution of the United States. There are rewards for this you will have all the rights and privileges of a citizen. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS] has all the information necessary on the becoming a citizen. If you go to their website they will walk you through the entire process good luck.


The The United States

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Insurance

Do I really need life insurance? If so what are the benefits to owning a life insurance policy this is the question that many people are asking?

The main purpose of having a life insurance policy is to protect your family in case you die unexpectedly or from a illness. This will help to supplement your income from the loss of the policyholders income due to his or her death. Many insurance policies have plans that help you build wealth the longer you maintain it. So the policyholder can benefit in two ways protection for family and long-range investment.

As you grow older life insurance plays a large role in planning your life. Everyone has certain goals that they want to reach in their life. From a young newly married couple planning to buy a house or start a family to the well-established couple making plans for there's children's education. As you grow older planning for your retirement will begin to take priority. The benefit of having a good life insurance policy is that as your goals in life change your life insurance policy has built-in factors that will change offering benefits essential to your new lifestyle and goals. When purchasing life insurance make sure that you use a reputable company with a local agent that can explain all your benefits.

Preparing for Wedding Invitations

For most women, a wedding ceremony is the most important event in their lives which should be done perfect. I really don't believe that there is a perfect wedding ceremony but, "close-to-perfect" might be a good terminology. Often times, I attended and witnessed some beautiful and harmonious wedding ceremonies.

Though I have been invited to so many wedding ceremonies, I am always happy, excited and proud for the groom and bride. I make it a point to wish them happiness and love; a blessing of good health and hoping that they will have the stability in their financial aspects. The outcome of the wedding will depend upon the planning. That is why; the bride and groom should hire a wedding planner or tap someone who knows how to handle weddings.

The wedding planner will oversee the entire wedding scenario and it takes a good talent to do that. The person in-charge should possess the ability to decide a last minute decision if something turns out wrong and everything will be taken care of. The person in-charge should be very patient if someone gets in the way and can handle the stress before and during the wedding proper.

Most of all, the wedding invitations should be according to what the groom and bride wanted to have. After all, it is their wedding and all planning should be according to their preference. With proper planning and extra time to do all the preparations, weddings will become a success and will be done smoothly. A wedding will become a mess only if no one handles the preparation accordingly and if misunderstanding arises between the groom and the bride. Planning a wedding is not an easy task therefore, time is the essence. If there is enough time to prepare, everything will go smoothly as planned.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Funeral Scams

Most people would rather not even think about it much let's discuss it I am talking about funeral planning. A few years ago we had to bury a loved one we were very fortunate to deal with a very reputable company. Ordinarily caskets are sold by the funeral company that is handling your arrangements. There are new regulations that permit you to purchase a casket from another source and the funeral company has to use it. They will make up the difference that they lose by adding on to your funeral director fees. You should investigate if you have been charged a unusually high mortuary service fee that is more than $1000. When planning a funeral you must research and see what is required by your state law. You should resist the pressure to purchase items you really don't need. Remember you don't have to have the most expensive casket or fanciest funeral to honor the one you love.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Overdraft Protection

The question is should I have overdraft protection from my bank? Thanks to the Electronic Fund Transfer Act bank customers must now choose whether or not they want to opt into overdraft protection.

I know you have received countless literature from your bank explaining that overdraft protection is there to protect you. I think you should take this with a grain of salt. You would probably better off without it.

The fees connected to overdraft protection are not cheap they generally run about $35 per transaction. For example if you overdraft your account you will have to pay the bank $35 plus the actual amount of the overdraft. On the other hand if you do not have this protection the bank will simply return the payment to the creditor. I know this can be embarrassing but it will still save you $35 the bank was going to charge you for making the payment. The decision is up to you just compair the pros and cons as how it will affect you.

Friday, March 9, 2012


When somebody has snapped is generally referred to as a nervous breakdown. This is not a medical term but one that is used by the general public.

What causes a nervous breakdown? There could be many factors for example depression, feeling out of touch with reality, stress which has not been adequately dealt with.

What are some of the symptoms we can recognize of a nervous breakdown. Migraine headaches, feeling very tired, confusion and uncontrollable rage. When a person snaps this is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly. There is no standard cure when a person snaps and has a nervous breakdown. You have to choose the right treatment method you have to diagnose the case on an individual basis. There are ways to prevent a nervous breakdown natural remedy, nutritional supplements and conventional treatments.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fix Rate Mortgage

The federal government is going to debut a new plan that will help the people who are underwater on their mortgage.

There are certain requirements you must meet to be qualified to be in the plan. You must have a fixed rate mortgage. You must be current on your mortgage and have only been late on a payment once in a year.

You might be asking yourself do I have a fixed-rate mortgage? If the interest that you are paying on your mortgage stays the same throughout the life of the mortgage it is a fixed-rate. In other words interest payments and the length of the loan is fixed from beginning to end. Your monthly payments on a fixed-rate mortgage is paid every month this will guarantee the loan is paid off in full with interest at the end of its term.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enjoy Organizing Your Photos Using Clipix Tool

It is truly hard to organize the photos in our computer especially when we lack the time to sit and organize. I have photos of our travel to Nassau Bahamas, travels in Mississippi, and some photos of places that I plan to visit. Half of the the time, I can't find it. My folders are disorganized. I can only remember the event of the folder when I open them. I want to use an online tool which I can classify the photos according to categories. I made some research and a friend suggested about clipix. I watch the video and I like the presentation. Check this out:

I uploaded some photos that I took when we had our Bahamas cruising and add the category Nassau. I like this kind of tool because I can find the photos in an instant. I tried sending one picture to my Facebook account and it's in my wall in seconds. How cool is that? Uploading is fast and it makes my photo sharing so easy. For now, I set my settings into private and later on, I will invite some friends and family to take a look at my clipboards. What you see here is the full view of my clipboards but, you can customize it. 

Sign up now and start using clipix. Just add the clip button to your favorite bar. When you browse online and wanted to see the photos later, it will go to your clipboards once you hit the clip button. Try it now and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy your clipix!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Window Tint Laws

While driving down the road we have all passed cars with dark tinted windows. I always wondered could they see out.

If you're automobile windows are tinted to dark you risk the possibility of being pulled over by law enforcement and given a warning. In many states this is a second-class misdemeanor. The darkness of your window is measured in what is called VLT which is short for visible light transmission. If you're windows are clear your VLT would be a hundred percent. You may have a tentative strip across the top of your front windshield but the rest of the window has to be clear. The front driver and passenger side windows must allow at least 28 percent VLT. The back side windows must be at least 15 percent VLT. In the rear window must also be 15 percent. Many states such as Florida require a sticker on the driver side door jamb that gives information on the company that installed the tent and the product that was used and certifies that the tint meets state requirements. If you are going to have your windows tinted I would suggest that you let a professional do it as they are familiar with the state regulations.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fixed Annuity

In these turbulent financial times certificate of deposit are at a all-time low causing people to take a closer look at annuities.

What is a fixed annuity? Also referred to as a guarantee annuity. This is simply an annuity that pays a guaranteed rate of interest. The insurance company will be the one to determine the interest rate that they will offer and guarantee. An example of this would be 2 1/2% over a six-year period. The principal and the interest are both guarantee by the insurance company this is the safest type of annuity.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Purchasing a Foreclosure

When purchasing a foreclosure whether for an investment or you are planning to live in it in the near future there are a few tips you should know.

One very important tip is to make sure you work with a well-qualified real estate agent as they have the knowledge of the local market. They also have access to many more listings than you will be able to find on your own. A good real estate agent can check the local area and gauge the price range. By using an agent they can tell you if the house is a short sale, regular sale, foreclosure and if it is owned by an individual or a bank.

Once you have selected the property you want to buy you should make sure you do a walk-through first and see if you can find any defects such as watermarks on the ceiling, mold, or holes in the sheet rock. After your own personal inspection if you decide to purchase the property you should then have a professional inspection this could run you about $250 but is well worth it. A professional inspector can tell you if the property has any problems such as the roof or electrical problems in the wiring or the fuse box. They will also search if there's any problems with mold which is very important. In some parts of the country you have to be on the lookout if the house has Chinese drywall if so you want to cancel the whole deal. A good home inspector will be able to tell you if it does. At the end of the inspection they will give you a complete report on the entire home and you can judge for yourself if you want to continue with the purchase. Purchasing a foreclosure can be a very good deal but if you're not careful you may end up with a money pit so good luck and remember real estate agent and home inspector and you can't go wrong.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Foreclosure Options

If you are facing foreclosure there are a few options still available to you that you may not be anywhere of.

You could call the lender or the bank and asked them to reinstate your loan. You have to make a one-time payment to make loan current. You may increase your home payment so that in a scheduled time you could be caught up. For example if your home payment was $1000 per month you might agree to pay $1500 to make the loan current.

You also may try to negotiate a settlement where the back payments could be added on to the end of the loan this is called a forbearance agreement. If you have a lot of equity in your home you might simply try to refinance it. You also may try to sell the home yourself. These are just a few options available to you if you are going to lose your home it might be beneficial to you to contact a real estate attorney let them explain all the options open to you.

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