Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tot Mom Strikes Again.

Just when I thought I had heard the last of Casey Anthony for a while damn if she didn't pop up again this time in the form of a mask. That's right folks Casey is back in the form of a life like Halloween mask. I do have to admit it does look like her and surely would scare the hell out of me on Halloween.I believe I would be scared to ware this mask on Halloween as someone might beat the hell out of me thinking I was the real Casey. What would be the reason someone would make a mask of this pathological liar. Maybe if you wanted to have kinky Casey sex games or scare the hell out your kids it might fit the bill. Now what we need is a Nancy Grace mask so they could meet in front of the courthouse and duke it out. Or how about a Judge Perry mask so you could walk around saying overruled Mr. Baez or a Cheney Mason mask giving everybody the middle finger. The sad part of this whole story is that someone actually bid $1 million on eBay for the mask we really have some sick people in this country. Have a great Halloween.

Big and Tall Clothing

My wife loves to watch the "Biggest Loser" TV show. She said, the contestants were very determined to change their lifestyle, eating habit and usual routine which ultimately led them to where they are by then. Seeking help is simply admirable and it will take "guts" and endurance to achieve that goal of losing a pound and more.

One of the finale episodes, the contestants admit that they were embarrass most of the time especially when they wear big and tall clothing. They can't shop in a normal store. If they go inside a store, fitting the right size is impossible. They have to find an apparel store which can customize their clothing wear and that is convenient for them.

Being big can become a health hazard. Other illness will start to come out and sometimes it will become a life threatening situation. The need to lose pound is a struggle. That is why, the Biggest Loser show is truly a wonderful project showcasing the struggles of these equally talented group of people. Nowadays, more apparel business open up to sell clothing's for big individuals out there. They need the support from the community and we should cooperate to let them feel that they are special.

Dissolution of Marriage

The dissolution of marriage is the final end. Two people who were once in love with each other now terminate the bond between them forever. There are many different reasons for the termination of the marriage financial problems, unfaithfulness and constant fighting all lead to the final solution divorce.

The United States is probably one of the easiest countries to terminate your marriage. If you have been married and have not acquired property or assets over $50,000 it is relatively easy to dissolve your union in most cases it will only take about 30 to 45 days. Such a short time to in a relationship that was supposed to last a lifetime.

You don't even need an attorney to dissolve this relationship. You can acquire the necessary paperwork at the local courthouse. You will be given a divorce packet outlining precisely how to fill out the necessary forms and file them with the court. This is titled simplified dissolution of marriage. The form is self-explanatory and mainly have questions as to how the couple will divide their assets there are instructions that will guide you through the process. This process does not find anyone at fault it just states that the parties involved cannot reconcile their differences. So if you are planning to divorce and have assets of $50,000 or less you might want to file this do-it-yourself divorce and save yourself a lot of money.

American Dream

The average buyer knows there are deals out there. They are definitely right and with the help of a good realtor, they might find it sooner. Buying a property that you can live in the later years of your life is just a good plan.

In the last six months, there has been more activity in the condo market. It is mainly due to the variety of inventory and very attractive prices. It is obvious that the recent sales suggest that the real estate market in Hawaii is starting to go forward because of short sales.

When purchasing a real estate property, I advise you to check out American Dream Realty Hawaii first before heading to another adventure. It is always advisable to have a real estate agent or broker. They are more than just a salesperson. They are the ones who act on your behalf and are looking out for your best interest. Since you have no competition to buy, they can make recommendations of what terms and prices to offer as well as negotiate a deal for you.

They are also familiar with the local area as far as which neighborhoods are the best to live in. They are also familiar with various fees and taxes. So remember, when purchasing a real estate whether it is on the big Island or any of the small islands that make up Hawaii, be sure to use a reputable company to make your purchase go quickly and without major complications.

Lease To Own Program

What is a lease to own program? This is all so know as rent to own. This is a way for people with poor credit such as a bankruptcy or low credit score to purchase a home. This is an agreement that the buyer will rent the home with an option to purchase. The buyer pays rent and a additional premium that is also credited to the purchase price. If the buyer fails to purchase the home they lose both the optional fee and the rent premium. There is generally a specified time in which the buyer must purchase the property usually within three years or less.

An advantage to the buyer who can't qualify for a home loan of any sort is this will give them time to repair their credit and gain some equity in the house.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home through a rent to own program you should probably have a real estate attorney look at the agreement. To make sure that it is structured in a way so that both parties benefit. Buyer should be cautious that the contract is not structured so all the benefits flow to one party and not the other. So remember it is important to read and know what you are entering into when participating in a rent to own program.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Importance of SEO

Few years back, I bought a domain and created a Website for my online business. I thought that was it and I left it there for many months thinking, people will visit my site. I was paying monthly for self hosting too. I was furious because I spent a lot and only few visited the Website and not a single request for my services. I bet newbies to online business who have no knowledge on the technicalities of the World Wide Web did the same mistakes that I had in the past.

The need for SEO Services is vital for online business. The Web is like the universe and there are so many Websites out there that offer the same services which competes well and manage to stand out from the rest. Your online business is just one site among the vast Websites in the universe of the world wide web. What will you do to stand out?

The answer to that is to get an SEO which will do the trick. Increase the visibility of your site and when you do that, your site is visible in the searches. If your site is visible in the searches, people will be directed to your site! Then, when that happens, your sales will eventually go higher than what you are earning right now. Considering that you have a quality product or have a good reputation, searchers are there because they are looking for the product or your services. So, hire someone who will do the Search Engine Optimization today for your online business and you will see a big difference on your sales!

Oh no Baggy Pants Ban!!

Oh no the baggy pants ban has put fear in the low rider crowd. No more pants on the ground pants on the ground now you have to pull them up and tighten them down. It looks like this law to ban low riding pants that expose underwear is about to take affect in the state of Florida.How many times have you been in the mall and seen someone with their pants so low as to expose their underwear. Pretty discussed to say the least I always wonder if the parents of these teenagers really let them leave the house looking like this if so they are just as much to blame as their kid. I think the public is pretty much fed up with this behavior. The kids think this is cool but in reality it reminds me of the clowns in a circus getting out of the small car with their droopy pants and big shoes.

Probably the only people who support baggy pants are the underwear manufacturers themselves. This is free advertisements for them and they get to show off their product. Hopefully the ones with pants on the ground are wearing clean underwear. I hope the farmers of America do not follow the baggy pants and trend as I would hate to see their overalls and long underwear halfway down like pants on the ground.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Duh!! Americans

Do you know that many people in the USA do not know who their public officials are? About 25% of the country cannot even tell you who the vice president is. I know their lack of knowledge was limited but I was unaware it was that many people. It doesn't take a political science major to know your representatives. Maybe Americans need to get online for some high school basics.

It seems that many Americans do not know much about the history of their country also. On test given to Americans on history, geography, and civics their test scores were very low. As a matter of fact, they fall far below many of the advanced nations of the world. Roughly 7% of Americans could not find our country on a world map which is really sad. I asked myself the question why? I think one of the reasons is that schools in this country especially high schools are a big social event. They have the football team, the basketball team and many other activities that really don't have anything to do with learning. I am not against having such activities in the school but when they become more important than the reason for being there then it becomes a problem.

Kids going to school nowadays have to have the latest pair of shoes or popular jeans that are in fashion. Then there is the high school prom. This used to be an event that was relatively simple, held at the high school, you wore your best clothes and had a good time. Nowadays, it should be held in some fancy hotel, the kids show up in rented limousine and have lavish parties afterwards.

Like I said, it has become a great social event not a place to learn but a place to show off the latest fashions. The kids nowadays can sing the latest rap song but lack the basic skills to read or write well!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Did you know that Florida is one of only four states that you may be married by a notary public. The other three are South Carolina, Maine, and one parish in Louisiana. In most other states, this duty is limited to the judiciary or municipal clerks.A marriage is a legal union of one man and one woman as husband and wife. It is a civil contract by which man and woman contract with each other to live their lives together in a union which exists between husband and wife.

There are many different types of marriage such as the normal ceremonial marriage, common-law marriage and married by proxy. The traditional marriage is a form in which a notary will act as the officiant.

In most cases a marriage license cannot be issued to a person under the age of 18 without written permission from his or her parents or legal guardian.

When a marriage license is issued there is normally an effective date on it when the ceremony can be performed usually within three days. In most cases a marriage license is obtained from the circuit court clerk. The Florida marriage license cannot be used outside the state. The license is void if not used in 60 days. A marriage license issued by another state is not valid in Florida.

There is no law in Florida that mandate any specific language protocol or procedure for use in the performance of a marriage ceremony. If acceptable to all parties the traditional written ceremony can be utilized.

So if you would like to have your wedding to take place in the state of Florida call the number above.

They have different plans from a formal wedding to an informal wedding which can be held in the beautiful beaches in Central Florida. Just contact now! They will be happy to assist you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Appliance Removal

How many times while driving down the street have you seen an old appliance thrown on the side of the road? It looks untidy and it also cost the taxpayers money when the city or county set out trucks to pick them up and take it to the land-fill. The people that do this are very irresponsible and probably could care less about your neighborhood or mine. Did you know that there are companies who will come to your home and remove unwanted appliances such as stoves and refrigerators? Check out Appliance Removal Chicago today!

Most appliances are large and bulky so; they are difficult to move around. If you want to discard a dishwasher or gas stove, they cannot be removed until you disconnect the water or the gas line. That will be dangerous if you have no skills to fix it. This is why you might want to contact the company who has the experience in appliance removal.

For sure, they know what they are doing. For example, when disconnecting appliance such as a dishwasher this could become very messy. Also, any appliances with a gas line could be dangerous to disconnect if you're not familiar with the procedure. Another advantage to have a company remove your appliances, they will have adequate personnel there to handle the job because of the size and awkwardness of most appliances. So save yourself a lot of stress and aggravation let the profession come take away all your unwanted appliances you'll be glad you did.

On Chinese Drywall

After the great hurricane Katrina there was a tremendous amount of new home construction in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. This led to a shortage of American drywall. So companies begin to import Chinese drywall it was also much cheaper than the American counterpart.

Many new homes were constructed with this cheap drywall imported from China. Unbeknown to most people this was a very serious and dangerous mistake. Between 2004 and 2008 contractors imported 540,000,000 pounds of drywall from China. It is estimated that roughly 100,000 homes may have been built with this defective drywall throughout the United States.

Here are some of the symptoms to look for if you think your home contains any of this defective drywall from China. A foul smell coming from your walls if this is a newly built home. Inspect the copper pipe on your hot water heater if they have turned black this is also a sign. If you start to experience sinus problems, muscle aches, and dizzy spells while living in your home then you definitely have a drywall problem. This drywall is so toxic it can damage the wiring and plumbing in your home. Some homeowners had to relocate while repairs were being done on their home because all new material had to be installed.

If you are worried that your home may contain some of this toxic drywall. The Florida Atty. Gen. recommends you perform an inspection if you do not see a stamp that says "Made In" or a company name on the drywall you should contact a builder or licensed contractor and get their opinion.

So if you are looking to purchase a new home or even an older one and suspect there could be Chinese drywall run from this deal as quickly as possible do not put yourself through the mystery and heartbreak this could cause you no matter how good the deal is.

My Roommate Flight

Thanks to Darwin Barton:

Last week, my roommates and I had our first fight about something really dumb. Two of us wanted to watch the “Dancing with the Stars” finale, and the other two wanted to watch the Bachelorette.” Now, I realize that this is a stupid thing to fight about, but really it was based around the fact that nobody would compromise in the situation. We only have one TV, so naturally my roommate that owns the TV said that she should be able to watch whatever she wanted because it is hers. Then, I said if that was the case then she couldn’t sit on the couches to watch because they are mine. Again- I know- not the most mature thing for college girls to be fighting about, but it happened anyway. Luckily, my roommate Susan went to while we were all sitting there (she’s the rational one), and we discussed getting Satellite so this doesn’t happen again. We came to a compromise to watch half of each, and in the future- record all of our shows!

Chinese Drywall

With the foreclosure rate so high in Florida, you can really find some great deals on a home. Recently, I was browsing the Internet checking out foreclosures in the Fort Myers Cape Coral area. I came across a beautiful three bedrooms, two bathrooms, double car garage sitting on a large lot with a total price $57,000. I was thinking to myself wow! What a great buy. So I called the realtor to set up an appointment to look at this house. What she told me really came as a shock. The realtor informed me that this house was filled with Chinese drywall. As beautiful as it looked and the great price, she cautioned me not to purchase this home. She said I would have to put so much money into it to make it livable that it would not be worth it. Not being familiar with Chinese drywall I researched on the web exactly what was the problem. Oh by the way, this is why when purchasing a home you should go through a reputable real estate agent.

New Scrubs

Jobs such as nurses, doctors, health care and any medical related professions are in demand nowadays. That is why, people go back to school to earn another career in this field of profession. Are you planning to buy medical lab coats? When purchasing a lab coat the low-price one may not necessarily be the best buy. You must also look for good quality. It depends on how many coats you are ordering but many companies have free shipping over a certain dollar amount.If you can't find the right lab size coat for you not to worry. Many companies have a collection of custom lab coats and you will be able to find one which will fit your frame. The Lab coats are available in different colors with sophisticated look and made in a finest fabrics. You can check it out at Their product is 100% cotton with durable resistant fabrics. Their product is a wrinkle resistant and teflon coated which truly suited on your daily wear at work. Visit the Website now and

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Estate Planning

An estate is everything a person owns. It includes bank accounts, property, jewelry, stocks,etc. it is never too early for you to begin planning your estate. You never know when the grim reaper will come knocking on your door. Look at the case of Amy Winehouse who was found dead in her London home this weekend she was only 27 years of age. She did have self destructive habits but cause of death as not been released yet. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Whether you have a large estate or small one it would be prudent to be planning on how you would like your assets and property to be distributed when you depart from this Earth. I am sure you would like your possession to go to family and friends of your choice. This can be done if you have planned your estate properly. I know you would not want any of your estate going to the government but this could happen if you do not have the proper last will and testament so plan your estate now and avoid any unwanted consequences for the people you leave behind.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Security

I have a personal home security system in my home now. When I leave my home even for a short while, I always activate the system. The economy is in a very unstable state and with unemployment continuing to rise, there is a good possibility that your home could be burglarized as crime seems to be on a rise. So you must do whatever possible to protect your home family and property. There are many home security systems available and most of the times, it is advertised in Direct TV. Many offers an outstanding value for your dollar. Safeguarding your home is vitally important to the protection of your property.

Installing the proper locks such as a good deadbolt can reduce your chances of being a victim but an experienced criminal can usually get through nearly all locks within 60 seconds. Adding exterior lighting will also help. But most experts agree that adding a home security system is your best protection preferably one that is monitored 24 hours a day.

Some of the advantages of having good home security muscleshoals are: most criminals will avoid a residence that is protected by a good system and move on to one without protection. Another advantage is that some security companies will provide free equipment along with a monthly monitoring contract. Another advantage is most of the new security systems are wireless and do not require a phone line. Before selecting a system, it's important to be familiar with all the services available. Before you purchase, consider the cost of the installation, the monitoring of the service, will your company monitor the system 24 hours a day seven days a week with a live person that will quickly contact the police if a break-in occurred at your home and etcetera. Finally does the company provide a money back guarantee for faulty equipment?

I hope you find this information helpful in selecting a home security system that will keep you and your family the safest.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Whenever there is a celebrity appearance, political events, scheduled concerts and big crowds in movie theaters, the need for a crowd control is in demand. The products such as velvet rope and barricades help people stay where they are supposed to. We also saw other crowd control products in the grocery stores, court house, school, airports and banks which serves as barrier. There are many different kinds, forms and shapes of barriers. Meanwhile, crowd control barriers always helps to keep the lines moving in the right direction.There are construction barricades too with flashing lights that helps protect the employees of a city/state while working along the roadside. Concrete and steel barriers are very difficult to relocate but when used are very effective. The most commonly used small barrier is stanchions. This is the one with the retractable belt and this has become in demand and comes in a full range of different colors. All of these products purpose are for crowd control barrier and used to redirect traffic from unsafe areas. Are you searching for these products? Just visit the recommended Website today and have fun shopping!

Shuttle Atlantis the End of an Era

In approximately 6 min. and 45 seconds, the shuttle Atlantis will touch down for the last time. It is approximately 5:51 a.m. in the morning and I am waiting to hear the Sonic Boom from Atlantis. I witnessed the launch of Atlantis approximately 13 days ago along with 1 million other people and it was very exciting. Presently, the twin sonic booms have just woke up the people of Central Florida for the last time. Atlantis is now in it's final moments of flight approaching the Kennedy Space Center. Commander Chris Ferguson is now guiding Atlantis in for its final landing and the the spaceship is now 1 min. before touchdown the landing gear. Right now, Atlantis is down and locked in place nose gear touchdown and the Atlantis has touchdown for the last time. This is the end of an era for Shuttle Program of NASA.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Online Degree Programs

I have a friend who are recently married and are settling in to having children with in the year or so. But, both of them had plans to go back to school too to venture new careers. The couple have an adequate job but, they are not satisfied with what they are earning right now. I told them to learn about Walden to get an idea about getting an education. This couple needed that education and nothing can pull them back in achieving that goal. I bet there are people like them who are working a regular 40 hour/week plus the overtime and it is so hard to find time to attend college on a full-time basis.

That is why is here, an alternative school to get that Education and eventually fulfill your dreams. Even though you cannot attend on campus classes,Walden University's online degree programs will give you the opportunity to further your education. This provides you with an affordable and flexible alternative way to receive quality instructions leading to a degree. Over 80% of educational material is delivered over the Internet. There are so many courses are structured so you can exchange ideas with other students as well as the faculty using online tools. You can also discuss course related issues with instructors and this can be done through e-mails. You can post assignments and submit them online depending on the format of the class. Online education solves the problem of time as barriers to obtaining your education. This will give you the flexibility that allows you to better balance life while attending school.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small claims Court

Just some brief information on small claims court here in Florida. Some of my readers have asked me for information about the small claims court.

Question: What is the dollar limit that can be claimed in small claims court? In Florida the dollar limit is set at $5000.

Question: Where to sue? You must sue where the defendant resides or where the injury occurred or where a contract was broken.

Question: Who will serve the necessary papers? A police officer, a court appointed adult, or by certified mail with return receipt.

Question: When will be a trial date? In most cases within 60 days after a pretrial conference.

I hope I have answered some of your questions but you really should contact a local attorney if you are planning to bring a claim in the small claims court. They can give you much more information that you will need in planning your case. Most attorney have a first visit free policy and they can determine if your case has merit.

Carpet Repair

The carpet in your home is a major investment and can be quite expensive that is why most homeowners go out of their way to protect it. Carpets come in various colors and materials so; this will give homeowners a variety of options. If you have to replace damaged carpet it can be quite expensive and many homeowners do not have the extra money to purchase a new set of carpet. If for some reason your carpet becomes darkened by stains, you are left to deal with the unpleasant spots. This is where the experts come in such as where they can professionally repair your carpet to lighten it and make it spotless of stain.

Let's say for example you have burnt area on your carpet, this can be very ugly to see. It would be very expensive to purchase a replacement carpet, right? You only need a carpet repair service austin who are professional and they can make it less noticeable with a few simple tricks. There is no fullproof way to make your carpet look brand-new after the burns but they will be able to repair the carpet and hide most of the dark spots.

So if you are having problems with such things as dark spots or even just need to stretch your carpet, don't hesitate to call a professional company. They can save you money by doing the repairs rather than the purchase of a new carpet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Caylee Memorial Site

Today, while reading the morning paper I came across an article about a group wanting to make a permanent memorial at the site where the body of Caylee Anthony was found. This sounds like a noble cause but I would have a few questions about this endeavor. They want to sell engraved bricks to cover the cost of the Memorial.My question is will they purchase the land from the owner. I have been to this site twice and each time noticed a for sale sign on the property. I think this question would have to be answered before I could contribute any money to this worthy cause. Since this land is for sale I doubt the owner would let you build a memorial unless you purchased it. My second question is after visiting the site I found that it is often underwater a lot of the time. If you've been there you notice that you have to step down a couple of feet.

I believe this land would have to be filled in with dirt before you could begin construction on a walkway otherwise it could be underwater quite a bit of the time and that would defeat the purpose that it was intended for. I do agree that this would be a fitting memorial to the young daughter of Casey Anthony who was thrown away like garbage in this spot. But I think there are questions to be answered before people start donating their hard earned money for this cause.

Excellent Credit Scores

So you have recently married and are starting a new life as a couple. In your discussions with each other, you probably are trying to evaluate whether it would be a good idea to rent or purchase a new home, right? Of course owning a home does have several advantages over renting. But in today's market which is much different than it was in 2004 or 2005 which was known as the period of easy credit. At Present time, you have a definite advantage if you have a FICO score above 640. The FICO will be how a mortgage lender will judge your credit. The higher the score the better the rate of interest you will pay on your home mortgage loan. If you have an excellent or perfect credit scores that's way better and you should celebrate!A score of 720 or above will be a plus in your favor and you may qualify for a lower rate of interest as much as 3% to 3.5%. Now, you can see this is an advantage for having a good credit score. Score of 600-700 will get you a less favorable rate on your home mortgage. You could still be approved with this score but anything less than 600 is not favorable to you. And you would not qualify for the lower rate on your mortgage.

Nowadays, there are biggest lenders for home mortgages and they have raised their credit scores from 620 -640 on home loans which they are willing to fund. This means you would probably have to have a score of 640 to get an FHA loan. So keep in mind that your good credit score is very important when applying for a home mortgage.

Why you should have a will

It doesn't matter if you are young or old you should have a will. You may ask yourself why do I need a will or I am too young for it will. If you would die suddenly God forbid in an accident who would gain control of your property? Without a valid will in place you cannot control this. Do you know that part of your estate may even go to the state you live in rather than to your family or loved ones.
A will can determine who exactly will inherit your property. You also can designate who will administer your last wishes or who may be the guardian of your children that survived you. So you can see how important it is to have a last will and testament no matter what your marital status or financial situation is. So remember every adult should have an up to date last will and testament. If you have any questions or need help in preparing a will contact us here at RMS Notary Service through the comment section of this blog and we will be glad to help you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Government cutbacks

Due to the high rising debt incurred by our country the government is looking for ways to cut back as many programs as possible. Of course they always bring up Social Security I like the way they phrase it we must cut back on entitlements .Social Security is not an entitlement it's a program that seniors have paid into their entire working life so don't come around here calling it an entitlement it is an earned benefit.

Are the congressman and senators and the present administration really looking to make the necessary cuts in the right places or are they just looking for scapegoats.

I have some suggestions for them as how to make some real cuts. Let us start with the Defense Department. Do we really need all the foreign basis around the world for example why do we need so many troops in Germany they have their own army they are members of NATO we could save a lot of money by pulling out of their. How much money do we spend on training citizens from other countries the art of war? Let these countries get their own training programs another savings that would amount to a huge sum of money. Let us move on to the State Department I am sure they waste billions of dollars on all this foreign aid given to countries in the Middle East that don't even like us and never will you can't buy your friends. I would love to know the cost of all these limos that State Department officials rtde around in. Now we can move on to the White House you can imagine the travel bill for this president as he has traveled more miles than any president in office gives the jet fuel for Air Force One must be staggering. Then you have the cost of security such as more limos and even helicopters every time this guy goes out the gate of the White House. Let us start by clipping his wings he doesn't have to fly to a different city in United States every day to make a speech about the economy that he is responsible for helping to run in the ground. Now let's get to the big boys of spending the Congress and House of Representatives these bozos are capable of spending millions of dollars on their pork barrel projects and ridiculous programs such as giving money to acorn a left-wing political group. How about Barney Frank and Chris Dodd running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the ground losing billions of dollars I think we need an investigation there big time. So all you so-called government officials looking for cuts just look in your own backyard there's plenty to be had there.

So remember Mr. government officials when you start looking at Social Security just remember that the senior citizens of this country are 50 million members strong and can put you out of office in a heartbeat.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free at last free at last

Yes folks the big day will finally arrive tomorrow and Casey Anthony will be set free from the bonds of prison. The stage is set the barricades are up the protesters will be there the press will be there along with the paparazzi and I am sure helicopters will be circulating in the air. What a crock of BS! All of this for a girl that most people despise. Instead of ignoring her these clowns by their action maker her more important than she really is they have turned her into a celebrity who will now probably made over $1 million dollars on the back of her daughter who was thrown away like a sack of trash. So if you are among the clowns participating in this circus don't condemn Casey Anthony condemn yourself as you are the one who put her into celebrity status. Wake up and smell the roses.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Light Bulbs

You are In the near future we the people of the United States will be forced to buy light bulbs made in China it's not bad enough that we have lost American jobs to this country and owe them more money than is imaginable because our present administration has gone on a sending spree. I don't know what idiot came up with this idea for a new light bulb but I can tell you they don't work. I purchased one in the supermarket the other day went home and placed it in my lamp. When it came on it was very dim and took a long time to come on and then it was not as bright as my old ones. They also say these bulbs are full of mercury if you break one you just about have to have a hazmat team to come to your house to clean up the mess. If you remember the Chinese are the ones who gave us led based paint in baby cribs now they give us mercury filled light bulbs I don't think I want to trust their workmanship on anymore products but I will leave that decision up to you. As for me I will continue to buy the regular bulbs made here in the good old USA.

Obama news conference

Just a short comment on the news conference president Obama held earlier this afternoon. He was commenting that if the debt ceiling was not raised there would be consequences. He pointed out that he could not be sure if social security checks would be mailed out in August if the debt ceiling is not raise. I can be sure that if the checks are not mailed on time that Mr. Obama will be a one-time president senior citizens of this country are not going to put up with Mr. Obama playing politics with their money that I can assure you. So Mr. Pres. I suggest lay out a plan of your own to solve this problem and work with the Republicans to bring this to an end. If you can't do this pack your bags because you won't be around after the 2012 election.

The Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata was unveiled in 1985 which at this time it was only sold in South Korea and Canada. This car is classified as a mid size and it has come a long way since that year. You may even purchase a 2.0 turbo version Sonata on which the engine has direct injection and is inter cooled. Are you looking for used cars? Visit the Hyundai Dealer in Delray, Wellington, Coconut Creek and in Boynton Beach.Anyway, the Sonata also comes in a V-6 so you have the option which do you love most. Both the turbo model and the V-6 gets approximately 33 miles to a gallon of gasoline. This is a good car which leaves some change in the pocket after filling up at the station. It features leather seats and sunroof and are available on all models. It has dual side climate control chrome tipped dual exhaust and 18 inch wheels. There are many more options available in the Sonata. So, if you're thinking about buying a new car you should visit Florida Hyundai Dealer and you will be pleasantly surprised of their display.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday we took a road trip to St. Petersburg on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is about a two-hour drive from Orlando but well worth your time. Upon arriving in St. Petersburg we proceeded to the area known as the Pier this is a large complex three-story high overlooking the bay. On the first floor are various small shops catering to the tourist such as a hat shop candle shop and souvenir stands. On the second floor is a casual dining restaurant selling sandwiches and burgers beer and soft drinks. The third floor is more of a formal restaurant linen tablecloths, silverware,waiters. The name of the restaurant is Columbia and is one of the oldest restaurant in Florida it has a Spanish theme from Spain. The food was excellent I really enjoyed my lunch and the atmosphere if you are in the St. Pete area I would highly recommend you stop by the Pier and dine at the Columbia restaurant and enjoy some of their great food and service you won't be sorry that you did.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony To Be Freed

As I understand it Casey Anthony will be freed from her jail cell of three years on July 17 that is Sunday. I am sure there will be many protesters outside of the orange County jail they have already put extra barricades in place to handle any crowd. I don't think she will be released and walk out the front door of the jail. I am sure that her defense team will be on hand and to rush her away immediately to an unknown destination. I doubt that she will take up residence anywhere in Florida due to the threats against her life my guess would be some institution in California. It will be interesting to see how long the Casey Anthony mania will continue. If you read on the social networks there are many drama queens and backseat lawyers that like to keep this saga going on. We have much bigger problems like the national debt and unemployment of 9.2% than to worry about the future of Casey Anthony. Most Americans are getting on with their lives there are a few still hangering on who will never give up I pity them and hope that they can soon get a life of their own.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Web Development

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Time Shares

This is a property which the owner will own the property for a short period of time anywhere from one to two weeks or possibly a month. A timeshare is typically used for a vacation or recreational purposes.

I really don't see why someone would invest in a timeshare. Number one you have to put a down payment just as you would with a house or condo. There are monthly payments to pay for property the same as if you would have purchased a home or condominium. On top of that you will have to pay a maintenance fee and taxes the same as you would pay on a condo. It seems to me very expensive to own a timeshare that you will use at the most for one month a year. If you add up all the expenses you could stay at a luxury hotel on your vacation for the same amount of time and probably come out cheaper. Before purchasing a timeshare you should really investigate all the fees and regulation involved in ownership. There has been such abuse and fraud in this industry that it is heavily regulated by most states. There is a period of recession usually 5 to 7 days that the purchaser may terminate the contract after purchase. So I say buyer be ware!

Interesting Mood

Have you heard about Party enhancers ? Herbal City LLC is a company that offer products such as K6 herbal incense and Spiritual powders which are legal mood enhancing herbal products. These type of herbals help people feel good in their recreational activities. If you classify yourselves as night life people, you might get some herbal products that are legal to balance your mood. If you are suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety consult your doctor before taking these products. If you think there is a need for you to have this type of herbal to augment your mood, be responsible. Your life is more important and you should take care of your health more than anything else.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Not Guilty

I waited a few days before publishing this blog as I wanted to see the reaction of the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. Most people think she got away with murder and do not understand how a jury could find her not guilty on all three counts of murder and one of manslaughter. They are up in arms and trying to figure out some way to stop this woman from walking out of jail on 19 July a free woman.

The simple fact is there is no way she will not go free. The jury found her not guilty because of lack of evidence. The state of Florida did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. On the other charges of lying to a police officer she received four-years. She has been in jail for three years and with good behavior time she will walk out of the Orange County jail on 19 July 2011. I myself think that she got away with murder also. We cannot be mad at the jury for doing their duty as they did follow the letter of the law as they were instructed by Judge Perry. If there is reasonable doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt then you must render a verdict of not guilty. Jury member number three said this was the case and that is why they came to the decision of not guilty. Like it or not that is the law of the land so let us put this in the rear view mirror and move on with our lives as I am sure Casey Anthony and her family will move on with theirs. Only God will judge Casey Anthony now and I really would not want to be in her shoes as he doesn't take kindly to someone killing one of his children.

Family Fun

Would you agree that sometimes, it is difficult for the entire family to find an activity that they can truly enjoy together? Children would say in unison, "I'm bored" and parents should think fast to keep them busy, right? Well, I must admit that playing GAMES online is truly exciting and fun activity for the whole family! Teenagers love Dress up Games so, that is interesting for them.

Anyway, I was a caregiver to my elderly father who was 90 years old and we did not get out of the house much. I was always looking for new ways to pass the time with him. It was a great day when we discovered online games, such an excellent way to have fun with the family! We particularly enjoyed playing golf as he used to be an avid golfer which he really enjoyed playing.

There's nothing better than playing games with your family and creating a good quality time together. So, when you are all sitting around the house and someone says what can we do? Just give online games a try and I'm sure you will enjoy it

Monday, July 4, 2011



Courthouse Visit

Yesterday, I visited the Orange County Orlando Courthouse where they are holding the Casey Anthony murder trial. I must say it was very interesting and there seem to be a lot going on there. As I approached the courthouse to the far left side there was a line of people approximately 40 or 50 waiting for tickets to get in to the trial tomorrow.Several TV cameras were set up and the reporters were interviewing them as to what they thought about the trial. Each person seems to have a different opinion as to the guilt or innocence of Casey Anthony. There was also some reporters roaming around the front of the courthouse interviewing people just walking by.I also noticed two people pushing a food cart with what looked like sack lunches. I later find out that they were for the jury. The police on duty informed me about this and he said, there was a restaurant around the corner from the courthouse where you could eat lunch as a matter of fact it was the only restaurant open because of the holiday.I proceeded to the restaurant which by the way was a pizzeria. On entering the place it was full with lawyers, reporters, and camera crews from all the TV networks parked across the street in what they call media village.I did find a table and ordered a large pizza which by the way was very good. As I looked around the room I noticed Judge Alex from the TV show on Fox. He is there giving his opinion on how the trial is going. It was a very interesting trip.To say the least, I may go down there again today as I am sure with the trial coming to an end there will be much excitement going on there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Choosing an Insurance

Talking about insurance? There are discount companies out there and all the usual standard insurance companies that have been around for many years. When you choose one company, you must really investigate as to what they really cover and how much is the deductible. For example, you make it a discount company for a much cheaper price than any company on the market. But, the disadvantage to this could be a very high deductible 0f $1000 dollars. On the other hand, you could choose from one of the more familiar companies which has a plan that will eventually cut out your deductible altogether. This is referred to by some as disappearing deductible. Many companies offer a large discount if you switch to them up to 40% off. Other will offer medical payments, physical damage, fire and theft and bodily injury. You have many options so get to work on that computer and find the best plan for you.

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