Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautiful Bathroom Lights

My wife has her own private bathroom in the house. That was her request when we were planning to buy a new property. She got what she asked for and she calls it her personal bathroom oasis.
About 5 months ago, we bought a charming house. The house is outdated so; we did some minor upgrades and totally splurge the kitchen. We gutted all the out dated lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. They were all dingy and probably been there in two decades. We bought a contemporary lighting fixtures with a clean design and sophisticated look.

When it comes to the selection of appliances and type of home furnishings, my wife and I did not clash as to what design or color scheme. We both like earth colors as well as the contemporary clean look of steel accents. In fact; when we look at the products of Waterworks online, we pick up the same design of lighting fixture. We like the bathroom light shown on the photo above. I was reading the information provided by Waterworks and I can tell that their bathroom lights are quality made with unique designs.

This company exceed my expectation on home furnishing products. Their selections of premium brand lighting fixtures are elegant. How I wish we have Waterworks nearby. Anyway, we are eyeing on this product. I bet my wife would sneak and buy this item online.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Relying on Naturopathic Medicine to Cure Sickness

When we wake up each day and we enjoyed watching the sunrise; that is a blessing. I believe that life is more meaningful when we get to enjoy the nature, expressing each moment with love and affection to our family and we can do all that when we are healthy. Everything is possible and happiness will just flow in smoothly when no one is sick. That is why; we need to be thankful to our creator for the gift of good health, the source of a happy life.

No matter how careful we are, there are factors that affect us. We are vulnerable with sickness and when one of our love one gets chronic illness, our way of life will change dramatically. We do what we can to improve the health of our love one by sending her regularly to the doctor. Some people do the extreme and seek for medicinal plants provided by a witch doctor.

In modern medical approach combined with standard medical diagnostics, naturopath is embraced by many. The naturopathic medicine is a great alternative way to combat the root cause of acute illness. The treatment is non-invasive and applies a holistic approach. Their treatment includes botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle changes. Nutrition is very important and I also heard that they are opposed of vaccines. If you have tried acupuncture and did try the traditional Chinese Medicine, it is under the naturopathic medicine category.
As long as the sickly person will be cured, there is no harm if people rely on naturopathic medicine. After all, the approach of botanical medicine is a good thing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Appliance Warranties: Walmart Lawnmower Warranty Failed to Deliver

When you purchase an appliance at one of the major stores such as Sears, HH Gregg, or Walmart, you will undoubtedly be asked to buy an extended warranty.
I have no problem with purchasing an extended warranty because most of them are not that expensive and could be a good deal in the long run. What you must do is research a little and see the record of how the company stands by its warranties.
For example, I purchased a 50 inch television in HH Gregg, and in about a year I had a problem with it. The company along with the warranty company work together and in a short period of time replace my TV with a new one.
In Walmart, my experience was just the opposite. I purchased a lawnmower and in less than three months, I had major problems with it. I contacted the store manager and he could have cared less. He said to take it to the warranty company. So; you must be very careful if the company backs up the warranty, it's a good thing. If they don't care such as WALMART, you will be in the mercy of the warranty company. It took me more than a week to contact them but, they told me to go find a company to fix it. With all the hassle? I won't be buying a lawnmower at Walmart! It's not worth all the hassle.
Do yourself a favor and research the companies before you make a major purchase. This could save you a lot of stress and money.
As for me? My lawnmower is still in the shop for almost three weeks now. It means, I did hire a lawn guy to trim the grass for $90. That Sucks!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Use Solar Panels

I heard about this company few months back and they are reputable in the area. If you are planning to take extra tax credit from using energy efficient appliances, heating and cooling system as well as windows and home lighting then; add the solar panels and hire Baker Electric Solar Company to install it. This company is all about solar energy and they have skilled technicians that do proper installations. This company offers custom solutions for home and office properties. Why use solar panels?  The answer is simple; to save more money because using solar energy is cost-efficient.

The more you use energy efficient products, the more savings you got! And, using solar panels will lower the utility bills. The use of solar panels means getting infinite energy from the sun which is 100% totally free as long as the weather is good and the sunshine is not block. When you have solar panels, you are using solar energy which generates electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions.

If you care about the environment, having solar panels in your property is a good thing because you are not contributing harmful effects to the environment. It may be costly to install but, the benefits are infinite; it does not produce air pollution and it will definitely lower your monthly utility bills.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Good Benefit of Drinking Wine

As what I heard from friends, moderate consumption of wine has a positive health benefit. They are referring to red wine which gives a heart-healthy effect to the body. According to the study, there is an antioxidant compound in red wine which aids for good health. Let us all examine the info-graphic below to better understand how wine is such beneficial to our health.  
Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Investing in Gold is a Security Blanket

Throughout the history, gold is used as money. It became the standard for currency as we read through the stories in the olden days of civilization. Gold is a precious metal and it is the most popular as an investment these days. In my readings, I gathered that people invest in gold to protect their wealth and asset against war; inflation; currency crisis; economic difficulty as well as political and social unrest.

According to a study, gold behaves like a currency than a commodity. Isn’t it obvious? Investing in American gold coins is a common way of owning gold. Depending on rarity and condition, it is priced mainly by supply and demand.

The American Gold Eagle coins are the official gold bullion coin of the United States and it is authorized under the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. In 1986, American Gold eagle coin was first released by the United States Mint.

As what I gathered from my reading, the market value of the coins is about equal to the market value of their gold content and it is interesting to note that, it’s not about on their face value. If you plan to invest in gold coins, please remember that the United States Mint has a proof version for coin collectors and are produced at the West Point Mint in West Point, New York with the mint's mark ("W") just below the date. You should take note on that.

In Canada, some people invest in Canadian Silver Maple Leaf which is a silver bullion coin. It is issued every year by Canadian Government. It has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint (R.C.M.) for more than 2 decades ago. The face value of the 1 oz coin is 5 Canadian dollars which is the highest among international silver bullion coins. Its purity is being rated as excellent.

One of the most popular Gold bullion coin in the US is 1 oz gold american eagle and if you check out how it looks like, you will appreciate its gorgeous beauty. Now, are you planning for invest in Gold? Visit the Website today for more information about investing in gold.

Discover Something You by Havertys Furniture Home Store

This post brought to you by Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.

My wife and I get along well as to the color elements, design style, fabric preference and type of furniture for our home. We just bought a new place just 5 months ago and we are still in the process of buying furniture's for the extra bedroom and living room. We both love earth colors since this color scheme is elegant and sophisticated in nature. Check out the elements that I personally picked out from the Website of Havertys Furniture Home Store.

I like the elegant crown molding of the entertainment center. I have a 50” flat screen TV and I am certain that it will look good on the TV compartment.  This is made of cathedral cherry with fancy–face veneers and the light distressing from the top center adds the elegance, don’t you think?

When there is a big party, sectional always captures attention. I picked 3 sectional designs because these furniture’s are perfect complement for the entertainment center.  Each piece is enhanced by contrast stitching and opulent leather/vinyl match upholstery. For lounging, I prefer the power recliner. I can watch football games in comfort in this reclining chair in just a push of a button.
My wife loves to window shop and I tagged along with her most of the time which I do not mind. After all, I wanted to finish my Man Cave. Her favorite home store is Havertys Furniture and it is only 5 miles away from our place.

Havertys: Discover Something You has design Inspiration Sessions for everyone. I was thrilled to know that last Sept 15, Now Showing is the Entertainment Space Design. For optimum comfort and relaxed TV viewing, Havertys suggested the reclining sectionals and sofas either in power or manual operations. Their MADDUX SOFA reclines at the push of a button to infinite angles. Top-grain leather seats with luggage stitching add a luxurious and sporty touch. I couldn't agree for more.

Try to check out more of the Inspirations Sessions at Havertys on Oct 13 for Seasonal Escapes which is designing for seasons; Nov. 10 is Winter Color and it is all about designing to incorporate winter colors; and Dec.1 is for Finishing Touches, making that room complete. Visit Havertys in your area and I am sure, you will enjoy your shopping moments.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Your Budgeting Software at Outright

Every member of the family should learn the importance of budgeting. Those who know their monthly living costs can control their expenditures. In a small business, budgeting is equally important for survival. After all, it is planning on the finances. It allocates for expenses, debt repayment, payroll, and etcetera. There are several tools available for budgeting. They must know the cash flow, how much asset they have, how much they owe, what bills to pay and more. If they track every little transaction, their business will surely progress.

Budgeting is hard especially when you are not used to doing it. Spending is easy when you disregard planning and budgeting. There is a potential that your business will go down and bankrupt if you don't budget. There is a handy tool that will help you in your business budgeting. You do not need a spreadsheet to manually put all the data of your finances. The software will do the trick for your business consolidation of finances. Get the budgeting software at and everything will be in its place. It will sort and categorize every transaction of your business. The software will sort all your business income, expenses and synchronize everything for you. You should purchase it! For more information about the software, visit the Website now.

Travel Insurance

When traveling, especially international travel it is to your benefit to have a travel insurance policy.

When on a journey you never know what might befall you . You could be struck down by some type of virus be involved in an automobile accident or just slip and fall. We do not know the future.

Travel insurance is really not that expensive. For example, you can purchase a policy from American Express for as little as $110 a year. If you are injured in a foreign country the insurance will even pay for a medical flight back, which if it had to come out of your pocket is extremely expensive. The coverage on this policy will kick in when you are 150 miles from your home. So it is good domestically as well as internationally. If you are planning a trip in the near future research travel insurance it could save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Burial Insurance

No one really thinks about dying, but it is a fact that we all are going to you can't leave this world alive.

The benefits of burial insurance is you will not leave your loved ones with a large funeral bill that could reach up to $10,000. Many people don't have this money and could be in debt for your funeral expenses for many years after you pass.

When you have burial insurance, you are providing financial security for your loved one. Many policies will cover such items as the casket outer vault minister, music, and headstone, cemetery plot, also the embalming process. You must research the different policies. Some will even cover doctor bills, legal fees, debt, and probate. Most policies range from a low of $4000 to a high of $60,000, depending on what services you have ordered.

One way you can estimate the cost add up all your debt and other expenses that will be transferred to your family after your death, and add $10,000. This way you will know there is enough money provided for your family. You can research different burial life insurance companies on the Internet for the best possible policy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There are many different types of visas you can obtain to enter the United States. If you are traveling from Europe you more than likely will not need a visa. You can check with the US State Department website to see if you fall into this category.

If you are coming from Asian countries and the Middle East you will need a visa. There are different types of visas you can apply for the most common is a tourist visa , which will allow you to remain in the United States for up to six months. There are student visas and business visas . They require additional information as to what you will be doing in the United States a means of support while here and a residence address. You can go online to the State Department website and they will explain what requirements you will need for each type of visa.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On this day 11 years ago we can all remember where we were when Islamic terrorists brought down the twin towers in New York City.

This is not a day for politicians to make their speeches , but more of a day to reflect and remember the almost 3000 people who lost their lives. It is a day to reaffirm our belief in our country and show the rest of the world what we are made of. On this day we should pray for the souls of the people who lost their lives and their families. We are the greatest country on the face of the earth and will never be brought down by the evil that raised its head on 9/11.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Beat The Smoking Habit

When I was a teenager, I had that moment when peer pressure plays a vital part of growing up. They encouraged me to smoke for me to belong in the group. I tried one cigarette but halfway of smoking, I do not like the taste and I don't feel any satisfaction from it. I told them my biggest "NO" and I was so glad I did stand on my conviction. I never did smoke after that one incident.

For many years, I have seen friends died ahead of me with lung cancers. What a waste of life right? At a young age they perished and when did it start? It probably starts with peer pressure and they chose to like it so; they become addicted to smoking. Beating smoking is hard when you smoke for years. I have friends who sweat a lot or feel uneasy when they stop themselves from smoking. They wanted to quit but, it is hard when it is already in their system and they are addicted to it.

Smoking is not healthy. Smoking can kill you. But, if you are willing to quit smoking, you can find a way out. Check out to learn how. Join a smoking cessation study and find a group that understands what you have been through. Before it is too late, beating a smoking addiction in your life should be a priority. Stop smoking now!

Chinese Chicken /Walmart

Would you eat chicken imported from China? Most Americans would answer this question with no. None of the major food chain restaurant import any chicken from China.

If you research on the Internet you will see the reason why. The sanitary condition in the country of China are very different from the United States. There are really not any safety or sanitary condition enforced on the suppliers of chicken. The chicken processing plants in China are the filthiest places on earth. The dead chicken are thrown on the floor next to rotting corpses of other chickens. You must be careful about buying chicken products marked made in Canada . The chicken is shipped there and processed. The major buyer of Chinese chicken is Walmart. They could care less how it is process their profit margin is all that matters. So if you shop at Walmart be very careful you could be putting your health at risk.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unreliable Walmart Warranty

When purchasing an item at Walmart that needs a warranty you must be very careful. Why you might ask? The reason is that Walmart will not stand by it's warranty.

Just to give you a simple case: We purchased a lawnmower with the two year warranty and after three months; it broke down. The warranty provider told us to bring the mower to a place to have it repaired. Okay, I got the patience to that so; we called them and we were informed that it would be at least three weeks before they could repair it.

Next step I did was calling Walmart to see if anything could be done to help us. The manager told us he could not help us and we would have to deal with the warranty company. Even though Walmart sold us the warranty? This is a disgrace! It did not matter so; we are at the mercy of the warranty company and the repair shop.

I would recommend never purchase any large items from Walmart and you will be better off buying from another company like Home Depot or Lowe's. You may pay a little more but will not be rip off by the shysters' at Walmart.

Let them keep their inferior products! Buy in other stores and save yourself a lot of stress.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Employment Lawyers

How do we provide for our family? We give them a comfortable shelter, healthy food and necessary clothing which are the essential needs of family. We are able to provide these necessities because we are employed.

Since we rely on our employment, we work hard and strive to do better. We learn to work harmoniously with our co-worker, respect our employer and basically, do the right job. When we love our family, we wanted to do better so; we strive for promotion. When we are promoted, it would mean, higher salary grade. That would also imply more financial freedom to spend for the family.

But, what if wrongful dismissal is laid out in the table? What would you do? That's the time that you need employment lawyers. You need to fight your right! At stake is the future of your family so; when the company kicks you out with no reason at all, you need to defend yourself.

Most of the time, we love our work and it is painful for us to leave it behind. That is why we need to fight back and seek that justice we deserve to have. Hire a reputable lawyer who are expert in employment laws.

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